– Preparation of business analysis on financial and non-financial parameters regarding the capacity of your company for application, approval and successful implementation of projects under the Operational Programs of Bulgaria, co-financed by European funds, National Recovery and Sustainability Plan and other EU programs.

– Preparation of business analyzes according to parameters set by you;

– Current financial statements and reports / on topics – sales, revenues, marketing, etc./;

– Access to your analysis and reports through an innovative web-based outsourcing solution at any time from PCs and mobile devices. Our platform allows retrieval, processing and visualization in a suitable and easy to perceive large volumes of data from various sources – Data Warehouses and databases. The solution allows creation of flexible analyzes, reports and visualizations that assist users in the daily and strategic making of informed business decisions. Individual applications are created for each client, corresponding to the specific business processes and needs of their business;

– Access to unified, reliable information through up-to-date reports, both for current and future periods on topics such as finance, sales, monthly revenue/profit, management of key projects for companies, efficiency, risk analysis, pace of development, etc.

– Secure and protected data.


Timely, accurate, precise information and professional advice on the business opportunities your company to receive European funding.

Reducing the time for performing routine data processing tasks;

Existence of accurate and correct reporting in the company at all times;

Unified version of the truth – centralized preparation and storage of reports;

Improved speed, quality and transparency in making strategic and medium-term and short-term business decisions;

Reliability and accuracy of information and quick access to reports and analyzes;

Discovering dependencies in the data that lead to new business opportunities;

Availability of key indicators to measure the achievement of the company’s strategic goals;

Reducing the time and effort to make reports and analyzes;

Access to reports and registers from any place and through any devices – stationary and mobile;

Ability to track performance indicators at company level to the primary source of information;

Linking reports, analyzes and key indicators to the specific activities, commitments and needs of the company’s employees.