BULLBROKERS EOOD became official partner of the company CENTIO Professional IT Security.. In this way the customers who implement ISO 27001 and GDPR have access to technological solutions for a higher level of protection for computers, memories and hard disks. Data encryption solutions are fully GDPR compliant- Deslock Encryption; to prevent leakage of Safetica DLP information and to encrypt backup of information XOPERO Backup and Recovery  Read more

Encryption of information via Deslock Encryption is recommended when entering GDPR and is the only technology solution to meet some of the requirements directly mentioned in Regulation 2016/679. Deslock Encryption encrypts the entire computer, USB memories, separate directory files, emails, and document parts. Safetica DLP is a solution that gives a clear picture of what’s really going on in the organization and the data it works with. You can prevent it from leaking data from your organization; manipulation and unauthorized access to personal data by your employees; stealing valuable business information and your customers’ personal data. With Safetica , you can prove to the regulators: which of your employees and when they had access to personal data for what purpose and what they did (review, print, copy, etc.); files, when and from which of your employees you are forwarded or edited. XOPERO Backup and Recovery is a cryptographic solution for backing up information backup. Encryption via AES 256 ensures that no one will have access to your data without permission. Backups are protected during transfer and while they are stored. You can also use a custom encryption key for an even higher level of protection. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!